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Permata Bangsa School

Jl. Gombel Lama/Golf Road, Tinjomoyo, Semarang 50261

Permata Bangsa School – Global Education

is nestled on the tranquil hillside of Gombel Lama on the Gombel Golf Course Road, Semarang. Our students especially enjoy the Junior Golf programme and school competitions we promote with our local and international golf partners.

Founded in 2000, PBS has been providing world-class professional learning and development and thoughtful leadership for twenty years. At PBS we have a strong desire to transform education, and we believe that embracing research, exploring new pedagogies and technologies in our classrooms to engage English second language learners across all grades, is what 21st Century Education is all about.

Permata Bangsa School has been developing a curriculum which extends Indonesian Curriculum 2013/16 standards and competencies to meet Cambridge, UK and Australian standards and competencies. As a result, PBS students are successful in obtaining their academic goals in both national (Ijazah) and international (Cambridge IGSCE, AS/A Level) examination.

We use the internet and computer technology to connect the whole school community. Licensed software (aSc) is used to manage the complex scheduling demands; (Edupage) to manage, analyse and report on the extensive amount of data produced by personalised learning programmes. Dynamic assessment strategies mean that all learners meet their learning potential and no learner is “left behind. Classroom sizes are small (no more than 12-13 students) so all learners receive the individual attention necessary to develop L1/L2 languages and content learning.

All classrooms are equipped with computers, internet and ceiling-mounted LCD projectors. Halls (Early Years, Primary, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2) are designed with Multi-purpose spaces that offer student opportunities for a range of different learning activities: group work, digital production, project work, reflection spaces, reading spaces, etc. Teachers are also provided with their own Multipurpose space as well as continuous professional development. The collaboration that takes place at the professional level means that our students benefit from a range of teacher strengths, and classes can be reconfigured easily to meet learner needs.

Entry Requirements:

Application form and all required documents, parents and student interview with the Principal, language testing administered by PBS Language Department for placement in bilingual classes is assessed using British Council APTIS testing platform.

Age Groups:

Early Years: 3 to 5

Primary Years: 6 to 11

Secondary: 12 to 14

High School: 15 to 17

The average number of pupils/class:

Maximum Class Size


School term/semester:

Term 1: August to September

Term 2: October to December

Term 3: January to March

Term 4: April to June

School Fee Range:

Visit our website for detailed information or contact Admissions for details of school fees and discounts for siblings, advance payments, and referrals.

Permata Bangsa School

Principal Name: Kerry Clark
Head Admission: Cecilia Faliana

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