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Jayakarta Montessori School

Jl. Kemang Selatan 1, Blok L1, Jakarta Selatan 12730

Located conveniently in Kemang, Jayakarta Montessori School is devoted to the education of children 1.5 to 11 years of age, and has developmentally appropriate programs that foster creativity, self-confidence and a natural love for learning.

Guided by skilled Montessori-trained teachers in English-speaking classrooms, we promote children’s physical, social, emotional and mental development, thus providing an excellent foundation for life in larger schools.

The preschool focuses on practical life skills, motor skills, math and reading readiness, and social awareness. There is a focus on independence: a child’s ability to dress and feed themselves, put things in their proper place, and share with their friends and peers, all while fostering a good attitude towards learning and adapting to the school routine.

The elementary curriculum is international in scope and includes science, social studies, arts, language and math. Children leave primary school with a broad ability and knowledge that prepares them for the educational challenges ahead.

We are open for enrolments and inquiries all year; please drop by anytime! You may visit during preschool hours in order to observe a classroom and some activities, 8 am–12 pm, Monday–Friday. Free trial classes are also available by appointment. We also have a summer school through the month of June, and after-school activities for children three years and older

Entry Requirements:

Children need to be of ages 1.3 years to 11 years to be eligible.

Age Groups:

1.3 to 11 years

The average number of pupils/class:

Currently 5 per class (ratio of 5 students or less per adult)

School term/semester:

Semester 1: August – December; Semester 2: January – June

School Fee Range:

Rp 60.000.000 – Rp 200.000.000

Jayakarta Montessori School

Principal Name: Gloria Lau, Siti Rohmatun
Head Admission: Siti Rohmatun

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