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Why do we need to go to school? At HighScope Indonesia we believe that one must go to school to learn how to make decisions. That is why, from preschool to high school, we provide learners with developmentally appropriate opportunities to make decisions in an academic setting, and ultimately make decisions in real life. These opportunities shape both their mind and character, while also equipping them with real life skills, i.e. the 21st century life skills needed to face current and future challenges in the world.

Redesigning The World

The current and future state of education depends on two aspects: the world and the children. The world is constantly changing and it is inevitable that the children will also change along with it. Today’s children are digital natives, born into a world with internet and rapid communication, so they learn differently than their parents did. Consequently, we believe that tomorrow’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s mind, and for that reason, HighScope Indonesia is on a mission to redesign the world, one child at a time, by empowering children with the skills to be life-long learners and self-regulated leaders.

Brain-based Curriculum

HighScope Indonesia applies a brain-based curriculum, which provides not just guidance on what to teach, but how to teach. Our curriculum is holistically developed to ensure that all aspects of learners’ needs are covered: the environment, atmosphere, assessment, strategy, activities, and support. We ensure that our learners have the required life skills to make real life decisions, such as the HighScope Indonesia Learner Outcomes, which encompass emotional and social skills, learn-to-learn skills, and analytical thinking skills. We believe that our learners learn best when they construct their own knowledge, unlike the usual “follow-memorise-pass exam” scheme that most students experience.

Learner-Centred School

Originating in the USA, HighScope has since gone global and spread its values and curriculum to other countries: The United Kingdom – Portugal – Canada – China – Chile – Peru – South Africa – South Korea – Ireland – Mexico – The Netherlands. Currently, HighScope Indonesia has 11 units across Indonesia, (Jabodetabek – Bandung – Bali – Medan – Palembang) with over 3,500 students. We have over 600 high school graduates who have been accepted in more than 270 Universities, in 16 countries worldwide.

All schools have the same objectives, but they all apply different ways to achieve those objectives. HighScope Indonesia believes that a school should do what is best for the learners, not for the parents or the school itself. We want our learners to have an enjoyable learning experience, understand and apply 21st century skills, and become independent decision-makers, both now and in the future.

Entry Requirements:

Complete the Application Form and Documents. Take part in the Class Observation (for Early Childhood and Elementary) or the Basic Competency Test (Middle School and High School) and the Parents Interview. Please contact our schools for more details.

Age Groups:

  • Early Childhood: 1.5–5 years
  • Elementary: 5–10 years
  • Middle School: 11–14 years
  • High School: 15–17 years

The average number of pupils/class:


School term/semester:

1st Term: July – September
2nd term: October – December
3rd term: January – March
4th term: April – June

School Fee Range:

Please contact us for details.

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Head Admission: n/a

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